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Pak Sevan Novin Aras (Banyo brand manufacturer):


The company was registered in 2016 and after the necessary measures in 2017; it was completed and put into operation.




All products of this company are manufactured using the world-famous knowledge and fully automated advanced devices.





All of GMP’s principles are reflected in the plant construction structure, and all principles of PRPS and ISO have been implemented.




Health products and cellulose products of Pak Sevan Novin Aras are produced under fully hygienic conditions and in accordance with GMP and national standards of Iran.

To ensure the efficacy of products, raw materials and products are subjected to special microbial, chemical, and physical tests.


 Products of Banyo include baby diapers and high-quality wet wipes that can compete with a variety of exterior samples, which makes Banyo’s products superior to other brands on the market.

If you wish to cooperate, you can start your business with the Clean Seven Novin Aras Company by submitting a request form.




Also, see contact information with representatives of Pak Sevan Novin Aras in the representative provinces.



Standard license

ISO 10002:2014

Good manufacturing practice

OHSAS 18001-2007

ISO 9001:2015