Pak Sevan Novin Aras company manufacturer of banyo cellulose products

Pak Sevan Novin Aras


Pak Sevan Novin Aras Company was registered in 2012 and after the necessary measures in 2013, it was completed and put into operation.

The company located in the Aras Free Trade Zone, which is considered the economic and industrial hub of the country, is located in a 4,000-square-meter  with a microbiological laboratory and a warehouse and separate production line with a license from the Food and Drug Administration and the Standard Office The production of baby wipes and nappies began today with the technologies of the day and with Italian devices, and there are plans for the next generation of cellulose and hygiene products.



All of GMP’s principles are reflected in the plant construction structure, and all principles of PRPs and ISO have been implemented.


Pak Sevan Novin Aras has been able to offer a special place to the domestic and foreign manufacturers with a high level of support for offering high quality products, as well as providing scientific advice and relying on the latest scientific achievements.  Banyo is the parent manufacturer and supplier of baby and maternal products that is active with baby goods wipes, makeup wipes, baby diapers, adult diapers, roll paper rolls and women’s sanitary pads. All products in this set contain no parabens, soap substances and other harmful chemicals, and contain natural herbal extracts such as vitamin E and Calendula extract (marigold extract).


We hope to have a bright future for this strong foundation company.